In Service TO Others

About Seva Learning

Seva Learning is dedicated to serving humanity through consciousness trainings, courses, coaching and workshops. We help individuals and groups grow to their fullest potential through self-reflection, personal development and discovering an expanded awareness of humanity and the human experience.

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service and dedication to others. In each of the Seva Learning experiences, participants are encouraged to give back to humanity and the planet. 

A portion of Seva Learning profits go back to the community. For more information, check out our giving back page.

About Our Founder

Norby Belz, PhD, is the founder of Seva Learning. He is a teacher and coach with nearly 20 years of experience leading programs and workshops. He is also a co-founder of a nonprofit, school-based program called the Wise Mind Project, which provides mindfulness and resiliency training in schools. Prior to starting these businesses, he spent over 16 years at an academic medical center as a project manager, professor, director and department chair.

About Our Work

Seva Learning focuses on living from a higher awareness of self and others through:

  • Self observation
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social awareness

Our immersive workshops, courses and coaching programs are designed to facilitate individuals, professionals, executives, groups, teams, departments, organizations, students and teachers to work together more collaboratively, adapt to any situation, communicate more effectively, make conscious decisions and take inspired action.

Our Programs