About Our Founder

Norby is a presenter, trainer and coach with nearly 20 years of experience developing, implementing and leading programs and workshops. He works with universities, schools, businesses and individuals to create their vision and transform the vision into reality. 

As a presenter and trainer, Norby creates and delivers transformational experiences, keynote speeches, workshops, trainings, courses, seminars/webinars and motivational presentations on personal, professional, team and leadership development. For more information and a list of recent workshops and trainings, please check out our workshops page.

As a business and career coach, Norby integrates mindfulness practices with over 20 years of experience to accomplish the following:

  • Support individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations to create and expand businesses
  • Coach and mentor individuals for career growth and changes
  • Train teams, managers and leaders on professional development, communication and team dynamics

Norby has made it his life’s work to help people live more consciously, to do what they love and prosper from what they do.  

Education & Training:

Norby earned a master’s degree in health administration, a PhD in health policy and management, and is trained as a mindfulness coach. He integrates mindfulness practices with nearly 20 years of leadership experience to help people, teams and leaders grow personally and professionally.

Academic Experience

Prior to starting Seva Learning, Norby spent over 16 years at an academic medical center. In addition to over 10 years of experience developing and teaching on-campus, hybrid and online curricula at the baccalaureate and graduate levels, he was the department chair and director from 2012 – 2018. As a department chair, he transformed an educational program at risk of being eliminated due to state-wide budget reductions into a thriving department. Here are some of his most notable accomplishments as department chair, all during a period of state-wide economic decline: 

  • Recruited and trained a nationally recognized team and created a departmental culture and innovative curriculum focused on social-emotional learning, applied experiences, interprofessional education, employer partnerships, and employable skills. 
  • Grew existing and newly created programs, increasing credit hours and number of students in the program by over 50%. 
  • Increased faculty salaries over 45%, by creating special faculty appointments and consulting roles. 
  • Exceeded departmental target goals and metrics, including increasing the number of applicants, maintaining 100% career placements for students, and increasing national certification exam pass rates.
  • Implemented a campus-wide online minor (certificate) in healthcare management and met first year targeted number of student credit hours in the first semester. 
  • Developed numerous sustainable academic and employer partnerships and working relationships to expand applied student learning experiences and provide professional practice and career opportunities for students. 
  • Led the development and implementation of new student-centered on-campus and online curricula a year earlier than targeted.