Time to take inspired action.

In-Person & Virtual Workshops

Our experiential and interactive programs will help your team to:

  • Work together more collaboratively
  • Manage ongoing change 
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Make conscious decisions
  • Take inspired action 

We’ve conducted workshops with health care providers, working professionals, executives, groups, corporate clients, departments, organizations, teachers and students. In our programs we focus on:  

  • Self reflection
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Social awareness

Select workshops may include ongoing coaching support for you and your team to integrate the content and make lasting transformational changes. For more information check out our coaching page.

Recent Workshops

Team and Leadership Development (Download Brochure with Sample Agenda):

  • Conscious Leadership: Conscious Leader, Conscious Team 
  • Conscious Communication
  • Conscious, Inclusive Leader
  • From Resilience to Brilliance
  • Working and Leading from Home
  • Leading in a Hybrid World 
  • Creating Conscious Businesses and Practices
  • Social-Emotional Intelligence and Awareness
  • Educational Reform 

Personal and Professional Development (Download Sample Agenda):

  • Reconnecting with Your Why
  • Your Path, Your Purpose
  • Consciousness: Your Path to Personal Growth
  • Living Successfully

 “Norby is a great presenter filled with passion and wisdom. His conscious leadership training really helped our team better understand each other. EVERY business should have this training. It will make a HUGE impact, not only to the bottom line, but to the joy each team member will have for doing their job.”  

- Dr. Chris

 “I have sat in on a couple of Dr. Belz's presentations and trainings and he is so insightful. I walk away from each one, learning something new about myself and how to continue to develop personally and professionally.”

- Mona C.

 “Dr. Norb Belz is a phenomenal presenter fostering innovative and passionate ideas for professionals to use both in their professional and personal lives. I highly recommend Dr. Belz' work.”

- Sandra B.